Dolphin Watch onboard the Spirit of Jervis Bay
Dolphin Watch onboard the Spirit of Jervis Bay

Dolphin Watch onboard the Spirit of Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay plays host to a resident pod of bottle nose dolphins all year round. They number between 80 and 120, depending on the time of year, but they always provide our passengers of all ages a thrill, an experience to remember; something that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

During the year Jervis Bay’s dolphin population often swells with a visit from a school of common dolphins as they make their way up and down the coast. These schools of dolphins often number in the many hundreds and provide a awe inspiring sight as they sweep past the boat in chase of a school of fish or simply in a hurry to get to their next destination.

Dolphin Watch Cruises are by far the most experienced operators in the Jervis Bay area with over 25 years under our belts, so if you want to see the dolphins of Jervis Bay, make sure you give us a call.

They have witnessed and documented the arrival of numerous babies over the last 20 odd years and we continued to be amazed at the population growth of the pod in Jervis Bay.

The Spirit of Jervis Bay has 5 viewing platforms with 80% of the viewing area under cover. It is the biggest and most stable dolphin watching vessel on Jervis Bay so you know you will be safe, protected and comfortable in all conditions.

Come and see our beautiful dolphins as they swim and play off the bow of the Spirit of Jervis Bay.

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